If you want freedom then you must immerse yourself in it. You must know how this Planet (states) works! How treaties work! How immunity works! How self-governance works!

You must know how the law works. Now, the law is perceived as a “nebulous” term that stirs up all kinds of negative emotions, feelings, and connotations as soon as it passes the eardrum into the brain. Why?

(1.) It’s unknown to most and

(2.) The legal profession made it intentionally mystifying to invoke fear. However, as a member of 3keystofreedom.com, all of that will change for you, because I’m going to compress your time frames, I’m going to collapse the fear, and I’m going to demystify the law and put it back into your favor the way it was intended to be. Law was made for protection within a Society and international law is the ultimate protection within the Society of Men and Family of Nations…both of your assets and of your person. Let me give you an example by reading a simple statement from Malcolm Shaw in his Cambridge University textbook on international law….

In the long march of mankind from the cave to the computer, there’s been one central idea– the idea that order is necessary and chaos inimical to a just and stable existence. Every society, … has created a framework of principles within which to develop. What can be done, what cannot be done, permissible acts, forbidden acts, have all been spelt out within the consciousness of that community. Progress, …has always been based upon the group…as men and women combine to pursue commonly accepted goals, whether these be hunting animals, growing food or simply making money.

“Law is that element which binds the members of the community together in their adherence to recognised values and standards.”

See, there is no mystery here and there never was. However, the system has you believing that it takes four years of college and four extra years of higher-level University learning so you hopefully pass a test for a license with something called the “British accreditation Regency”… Or the B.A.R… In order for you to NOT understand….misapprehend and misapply…. something that’s very simple. And the fact that you don’t understand it and have not immersed yourself in it leads to a maxim that has been used for millenia, which is those that do not know how to defend their rights, have no rights. Or, to use my own personal Maxim I developed in 1999… Those that don’t know are at the mercy of liars.

The 3 Keys to Freedom is a reduction of all my years of study and application of what I’ve learned along the way. This site will keep you on point. It will keep you focused, and it will compress the time-frame to acquire the same knowledge I took almost 20 years to acquire!

There are 3 Keys to Freedom; 

1…. M.aintain good health

2…. A.cquire financial independence (so that you are not “dependent”)

3…. P.rotect 1 & 2 by gaining Immunity by Agreement via assuming the Responsibility to Self Govern (with others in a Society) by Exercising the International Right of Self-Determination

This is the M.A.P. to get you out of the Matrix