http://3keystofreedom.com is the culmination of and progression from MATRIX SOLUTIONS….i.e http://therightofselfdetermination.com. Six years ago MATRIX SOLUTIONS was launched. It was designed to be an online database for those seeking to exercise their Right to Self-Determination. In that six years, two maxim’s became clear…(1) those that don’t know are at the mercy of liars and (2) before you can learn, you must unlearn…i.e you must first deprogram before you can reprogram.

In that time PM (Prime Minister) David Williams dedicated his time and energy (when not focused on the State) to traversing various rabbit holes. The goal…to help those with a splinter in their mind saying “something is terribly wrong here”. The problem…not knowing where to start, feeling overwhelmed, or learning some other “remedy” (which is no remedy AT ALL) and refusing to listen to reason. He has done numerous radio interviews, written HUNDREDS of Email and Comment discussions with members and non-members alike, and has shown black ink on white paper what is fact vs what is not. The result….not ONE redaction! In six years time, with over 100 blogs and many hours of audio/video presentations, he has never presented information which needed correction.  It is said that the proof is in the pudding. Mr. Williams is proof that going to peace and applying right knowledge with right action is the key to exiting the “Matrix”. He has never been to the “Prize Zone” (prison) in all the years he has been teaching and applying his knowledge. Furthermore, he has helped numerous people stay out of prison through his knowledge and experience.

The time has come to expand the understanding of what it means to “Exercise Self-Determination”. While MATRIX SOLUTIONS is an INCREDIBLE database of information that teaches the member enough to get them to the finish line…3 Keys to Freedom expands to include “Health Determination” and “Financial Determination” as well as “Self-Determination”. Why?  Because these are the 3 Keys to Freedom! But….Synergy is important. All three areas of your life must be working together “in harmony” in order to achieve the results you are seeking.

This is a strictly moderated website with rules and guidelines which MUST be followed. NO EXCEPTIONS! MATRIX SOLUTIONS was the Deprogramming sequence, 3 KEYS TO FREEDOM is the Reprogramming sequence. This path is 90% mental and it is now time to break your habit of thinking and acting like a citizen. You must start thinking like a person with immunity. You must start learning how to act as a representative of a State.  This includes how you speak, write, and address those with such a standing. Essentially, you must practice decorum and diplomacy at all times.  This is for the internal order of the membership base as well as training you to think and act like the individual you wish to become.